Toddler Program

Welcome to our Toddler Program! Designed to be the most fundamental introduction to both socialization and academics, this program will give your child a structured environment to learn, create, and have fun! With a challenging yet attainable curriculum and teachers who make Miss Sue’s more than just a classroom, there’s no shortage of smiles in our rooms of 2s.

Kids waiting in line.
Kids sitting listening to their teacher.

A Day in the Life Snapshot

Our Toddler Program contains a maximum of 12 students with a 1:5 teacher to student ratio. Each day begins with circle time where we sing welcome songs, review our calendar, and determine our daily weather. The lesson of the day and center time follow as we learn about our monthly theme from books, activities, games, art projects, and more. During this time, students are given the freedom to explore, create, and grow.

By mid-morning, we move on to movement games and themed snack time which are opportunities to move our bodies and refuel. Next, we head outside (weather permitting) to have some energetic fun during our large motor activities. Four days a week, toddlers use our state-of-the-art recreational center, LegoLand, yoga center, and indoor outdoor sports complex for specials with our partners.

Lunch and nap time are followed by student-led center time during which students are given the freedom to independently learn. Individual and group assessments are also conducted through projects and activities before we say goodbye at dismissal!

Kids posing.
Kids in chef hats and aprons making pastries.

“If you are looking for a nursery school, look no further. There is no place quite like Miss Sue’s. Every year, every experience was unlike any other. The teachers are warm, compassionate, supportive, attentive, and knowledgeable. Both of my children were MORE than kindergarten ready. The administration is also extremely proactive, personable, and reliable. I felt extremely confident and safe sending my two young girls to school each and every day. I am forever grateful to Miss Sue’s. They will always be family.”

Rachel Barrer, Parent