Where Love of Learning Begins

Foundational learning is the key to success in all aspects of life. Under the Driftwood Day Camp umbrella, Miss Sue’s is specifically designed to challenge children in a fun, empowering way. Welcome to the Miss Sue’s family.
Best of Long Island Award.

Winner 2010-2023

The Recognized Leader in PreSchool Education for over 60 Years

Named Best Nursery School on Long Island for the 13th Consecutive Year

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Kids in chef hats making pastries.
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Who we are

A caring staff,
dedicated to you.

When you imagine your child’s future, what do you see? Happiness is born from achievement, accomplishment, and satisfaction. Breathe life into your child’s dreams of becoming whatever and whoever they want by giving them the foundation that will get them there. This journey begins at Miss Sue’s.

Family run since our beginnings
Student-teacher ratio
Students per classroom average
Beautiful and safe campuses

Our Programs

Ages 2-5

Due in part to our programming, Miss Sue’s Nursery School is the premier choice of early years education on Long Island. Located at Driftwood Day Camp with state-of-the-art facilities and an incredible teaching staff, our programs are designed to challenge each student in a way that fosters a true love of learning.

Toddlers Program
Age 2
Designed to be the most fundamental introduction to both socialization and academics, our Toddler Program will give your child a structured environment to learn, create, and have fun! With a challenging yet attainable curriculum, our toddlers succeed at every turn.
Nursery Program
Age 3
Regardless if your child attended our toddler program, everyone succeeds in this progressive, educational environment. With a similarly structured day, we continue to develop both cognitive and fine motor skills with an array of projects and lessons that are both fun and educational. Every day is geared towards getting each student individually ready for Pre-K.
Pre-K Program
Age 4
Fun, laughter, and creative learning techniques abound! Our Pre-K curriculum has a strong emphasis on educational development in a nurturing, ego-boosting environment. We advance the program education to challenge each student and give them the tools necessary for future lessons. This is balanced with continued development of social skills and allowing each student to express themselves.
Children on tennis courts.

Our Camp

Ages 2-3

Hosted within the breathtaking grounds of Driftwood Day Camp, our ‘Camp within a Camp’ is specifically designed for our youngest campers. With miniaturized versions of all our favorite activities, every camper is set up to succeed!

Along with this, every age group will still get exposure to all other parts of camp! From the flying trapeze to the sports fields and beyond, each camper will have the opportunity to try everything!

Our camp groups are supervised by Teams who will be fully involved in each camper’s day. Group Leaders will communicate with you as parents throughout the summer, and several counselors in every group make a safe, well-supervised environment for your children.

Kids on a soccer field doing arm exercises on soccer balls.
Kids being taught how to swing toy tennis rackets.


Pool ladder logo.
2 swims a day in full-sized pools supervised by Nassau County certified lifeguards
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Water Sports
Pool parties, water sports, a water slide, “water skiing”, wind surfing, paddle boats and rafts
Baseball logo.
Sports instruction in baseball, soccer, football, tennis, lacrosse, volleyball, karate and more.
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Non-sport Fun
Group games, relays, contests and a non-competitive Color War enjoyed by all age groups.
Teachers laughing sitting down together.

Our Teachers and Staff

Consisting of a collection of highly-trained and enthusiastic educators, our team grows alongside our students in philosophy, mindset, and creativity over the course of each school year. Our teachers and staff may overflow with certifications and degrees, but what really makes them special is their clear love of learning and teaching. Here, you’ll find dedicated leaders committed to bettering the next generation.

What Our Families Say

Miss Sue’s School is truly in a league of their own. The care and love they provide to each student and family is unparalleled. The parent/teacher communication is ongoing while the education goes above and beyond. Students learn through a variety of modalities to help them comprehend new concepts visually, auditorily, and kinesthetically. My son went from protesting “no school” (while attending another preschool program) to saying “more school please” days after beginning Miss Sue’s. In my opinion, they are the best run preschool on Long Island and enable an impeccable experience for ALL of their students.

Rachel Rubin

Safety is our Priority