Activities & Extracurriculars

Our campus of custom-built facilities serves as the perfect backdrop for learning! We pair hands-on learning in a classroom environment with energetic indoor and outdoor play to ensure our students’ minds and bodies are being challenged throughout the day. We have found that this structure allows our students to more fully absorb the information being taught. With miniature basketball courts, turf fields, a themed clubhouse, and playgrounds with miniature rock walls, students are able to experience learning in all types of ways and participate in a wide range of activities.

Our Partners

By partnering with the following organizations, our students are able to experience a variety of teaching styles, subjects, and activities that pull them out of their comfort zone and allow them to try new things in a controlled environment.

Kids dancing with teacher.
Kids standing with two hockey sticks.


PeeWee Sports
This introductory athletics program includes all major sports and introduces the idea of teamwork, sportsmanship, and structured play to our students.
Ready to get moving? Boppersize is a fun exercise program that aims to introduce movement-based exercise in an engaging way!
Imagination Station
This creative class is a time where themes come to life through music, activities, and various equipment and props. The program is geared towards the creative and imaginative aspects of movement with an added twist of creative role playing.
Yogi Beans
This stimulating yoga class introduces the benefits of stretching and movement. Students learn poses, balance, and the mindset behind being zen and mindful during this fun-filled practice.
Music with Miss Alison
Our Music with Miss Alison class features sing-along songs, instruments, and movement games that gets everyone involved and dancing!