Work at Miss Sue’s

Ready to feel empowered and supported to be the kind of teacher you want to be? Your creativity can flow freely here—in fact, we encourage it. We value inventiveness, out-of-the-box thinking, and joyful learning in the same way Miss Sue did so many years ago. If you’re looking to mold the minds of our future generations, form lasting relationships, and make a difference in the lives of our students, join us as a part of the Miss Sue’s family.

The Staff Experience

Our curriculum changes monthly and covers topics such as outer space, the human body, life cycles, the seascape, gardening, art and music, caring and kindness, and more. When it comes to shedding some light on the Miss Sue’s daily staff experience, there’s no one better than a few of our treasured teachers.

I have been part of the Miss Sue’s family for more than 20 years. I have a place in my heart for each child that has come through my classroom. The families become a part of my family and I become a part of theirs. The channels of communication are always open and we talk often. This allows me to help each child to reach their potential and make them feel safe and secure. I love when I have siblings of past students. I have had 4 and 5 children from one family and have watched them grow from newborns to confident children ready to head off to kindergarten. We are doing something right when students come back to visit us when they are in high school and remember so many of the creative and fun activities we did together. I feel so fortunate to be able to go to work everyday and love what I do.

Miss Marci

Miss Sue’s isn’t just where I work, it is where I truly love to be. Every teacher at Miss Sue’s not only has so much love for each child, but also for each family and each other. Taking care of the children in my class and guiding the parents is an ongoing part of our community. Once you walk through the doors you are forever changed because of the support, guidance, and individual attention. I love knowing that I helped to make a difference and started the foundation of learning in a child. Every morning I love being greeted by my Miss Sue’s family and the excitement that comes as the children walk in the door can be felt throughout the school. To say Miss Sue’s is a special place is an understatement, it is the best way to spend my days.

Miss Julie

I love being a part of the Miss Sue’s family. For me it represents warmth, love, a feeling of belonging and a community spirit. The open lines of communication are what makes Miss Sue’s a step above the rest. The constant stream of parent and teacher contact is what makes it special and different. A call of concern, a text of a funny story, or even a messy photo of their child are what set Miss Sue’s apart from the rest.

Miss Allison