Our Philosophy

At Miss Sue’s, we don’t simply instruct your children, we teach them how to think—a skill that will take them farther than any lesson could. At Miss Sue’s we know that thinking is a learned skill that betters the world in the long run.

We also believe that a teacher is far more than just the adult in the room. They are role models that guide by the actions they take and the language they use. Children have valid feelings that our teachers understand, and they make space for these little personalities to be their authentic selves. Because of this, Miss Sue’s is committed to providing a balance between play and academics where children can grow in every way. Being partners with the parents is a key component in a child’s education and we take pride in the presence of this fluid and open communication.

We love being a part of the Miss Sue’s Family! Our son has shown tremendous academic and social growth thanks to his loving teachers and other support staff. There are so many fun events throughout the school year that make learning fun and exciting! We also appreciate the great communication between our family and the school. We know he will be beyond prepared for Kindergarten.

Amanda Hankin