Nursery Program

Everyone succeeds in this progressive, educational environment that sets students ahead of the curve. With a similarly structured day, we continue to develop both cognitive and fine motor skills with an array of projects and lessons that are both fun and educational. Every day is geared towards getting each student individually ready for Pre-K!

A Day in the Life Snapshot

Our Nursery Program contains a maximum of 18 students with a 1:7 teacher to student ratio. 

Each day begins with circle time where we sing welcome songs, review our calendar, and determine our daily weather. The lesson of the day and center time follow as we learn about our monthly theme from books, activities, games, art projects, and more. During this time, students are given the freedom to explore, create, and grow. 

By mid-morning, we move on to movement games and themed snack time which are opportunities to move our bodies and refuel. Next, we head outside (weather permitting) to have some energetic fun during our large motor activities. Four days a week, students use our state-of-the-art recreational center, LegoLand, yoga center, and indoor outdoor sports complex for specials with our partners

Lunch and optional nap time are followed by multi-cultural enrichment programming during which students are immersed in the cultures of different countries including France, Mexico, Japan, and Italy. This gives them the opportunity to expand their horizons and virtually explore the language, food, sites, and culture of locations around the world. Two days a week, students also attend Spanish class where they learn numbers, colors, songs, and more before we say goodbye at dismissal!

Miss Sue’s has become an extension of our family. In both school and camp, our son has grown immensely due to the warm, loving, inviting nature of the staff. Miss Sue’s has helped to foster his love of learning, while creating the most special relationships with his teachers and peers. We are so happy to be a part of the Miss Sue’s family.

Nicole Green