Pre-K Program

Welcome to the big league! Our Pre-K curriculum has a strong emphasis on educational development in a nurturing, ego-boosting environment. We advance the program education to challenge each student and give them the tools necessary for future lessons. This is balanced with the continued development of self-expression so each student arrives at Kindergarten far ahead of the pack.

The Pre-K Program is individualized for each student and focused on building and mastering not only independence, but also social, emotional, academic, and cognitive skills. With an emphasis on physical development in large and small motor skills as well as speech development, our students successfully reach milestones in a loving, nurturing environment where students are encouraged to celebrate their successes. Pre-K skills include site word practice, math word problem instruction, guided reading practice, and more.

A Day in the Life Snapshot

Our Pre-K Program contains a maximum of 21 students with a 1:8 teacher to student ratio. Each day begins with circle time where we sing welcome songs, review our calendar and daily weather, and choose our helper of the day. The lesson of the day and center time follow as we learn about our monthly theme from books, activities, games, art projects, and more. During this time, students are given the freedom to explore, create, and grow. 

By mid-morning, we move on to movement games and themed snack time which are opportunities to move our bodies and refuel. Next, we head outside (weather permitting) to have some energetic fun during our large motor activities. Four days a week, students use our state-of-the-art recreational center, LegoLand, yoga center, and indoor outdoor sports complex for specials with our partners

Lunch and optional nap time are followed by kindergarten readiness skills during which students study math, writing, and reading through poetry, storytime, problem solving, and journal writing. Three days a week, students also attend Spanish class where they learn numbers, colors, songs, and more before we say goodbye at dismissal! 

Miss Sue’s has been our home for the last three years. We truly can’t believe how much our son has learned and grown both socially and academically. We know when we drop him off each day, he is so very cared for and loved. The wonderful staff, extracurricular activities, and warm, safe, and welcoming learning environment are what makes Miss Sue’s so special. It is more than just a school—it’s a family

Dara Ahern