EAG_9821ReducedOur indoor classrooms are spacious and sunny; all are on one level with adequate toilet facilities in each area. Each room in connected to a sophisticated fire alarm system. Within each classroom, our learning centers contain computers, a Smart Board, a well-stocked library of books and music, games, arts and crafts materials, a water table, an indoor sandbox, cooking facilities, aerobic and gym equipment and indoor tree houses.Outdoor facilities were specifically designed to foster muscular coordination and independence. Each classroom exits into a large, completely fenced-in private playground with state-of-the art equipment: Two playgrounds — a tactile castle playground and a colorful Little Tykes Activity Center with slides, climbing ramps, bridges and tunnels. We have a boat, helicopter, Pirate Play Ship and train. Our baseball and soccer fields, Basketball Court and Patio are used for sports, group games, music and dance. Picnic tables for outdoor snack and crafts are shaded under an umbrella of trees.

Explorers Class

This Program meets 2-5 days per week for our youngest students from either 9-12 or 1-4.

Our program focuses on building a foundation for individual success. Using age appropriate organized games and activities, independent play, music, movement, art, and a variety of educational tools and toys, we focus on the physical, social, emotional and cognitive development of our students.

Miss Sue’s provides a safe, nurturing, stimulating environment staffed with experienced, loving teachers that allows children to explore and be engaged as individuals and as part of a group. The Explorers classes provide an excellent educational Head-Start as our students begin learning Colors, Numbers, Letters, Shapes, Patterns, Language, Science, Social Studies, History, Math Skills, and so much more.

At this age however, the Social, Physical and Emotional development of our students is just as, if not more important than the educational component of our program. Our learning centers and creative play areas allow our students to build their fine and gross motor skills, develop body awareness and coordination, play cooperatively and individually, build social skills, develop verbal and non-verbal communication skills, build self confidence and independence, learn problem-solving skills and more while engaging their senses and building a solid educational foundation

Nursery Class

Our 3’s program provides a safe, nurturing environment for our students to play, learn, and grow.

Meeting from either 9-12 or 1-4 from 2-5 days per week, our students are presented with opportunities to build and develop their scholastic skills and educational foundations, along with improving social and language skills, independence, maturity, emotional development, and fine and gross motor skills.

Utilizing modern teaching methods and our innovative curriculum, we focus on the individual needs of each and every student while exploring Math skills (Numbers, sorting, sequencing, matching, measuring, patterns, shapes), Science (Predictions, weather, colors, cause and effect, nature, time, experiments), Language and Literacy (Vocabulary, rhyme, rhythm, pre-writing skills, letter recognition, foreign languages), Art (Creative expression, development of fine motor skills, music, drama, famous artists, sensory exploration), Geography (Location, direction, maps, home address, states, countries), and a variety of other topics all designed to foster a love of learning in our students and to give them an educational advantage upon entering public school.

Learning and Manipulative Centers, along with both individual and group instruction, provide opportunities for all our students to strengthen their intellectual, social and physical skills while developing the self confidence necessary to succeed in school and throughout their lives.

Pre-K Class

Using an innovative program built from a mixture of modern, cutting-edge ideas and proven successful techniques from over 60 years of experience, Miss Sue’s addresses each child’s individual needs, helping them meet and exceed the standards of New York’s Common Core Curriculum and the expectations of their future Public or Private School Teachers.

Independent Learning Centers and Projects, Excellent Student to Teacher Ratios, Diverse Classrooms, Exceptional Curriculum, Sensory Exploration and Development, Physical Activities  and our warm, caring environment leads to the development of excellent academic, social and emotional skills in our students.

Our Pre-K program supports each student as they develop confidence, independence, self-help skills, creativity, and a love of learning.  Lessons include Letter Recognition and Reading Skills, Writing Skills, Phonemic Awareness, Math Theories and Number Recognition, Expressive and Receptive Language, Expanding Vocabulary and Oral Comprehension, Physical Sciences, Social Studies, Movement and Body Awareness, Health, Foreign Languages, Creative Arts and Expression, Music and so much more.

At Miss Sue’s we partner with our student’s parents, enabling us to reinforce and expand the concepts taught, giving our students an advantage during their future schooling and their entire lives.