Enriching, challenging and creative activities are provided to meet the individual needs of each child. Included are materials such as easel and finger painting, paper mache, clay, playdough, sponges, feathers, beads, sewing, blocks, puzzles, concept-based table games, lotto games, and teacher-made games. Activities encourage interaction between children in centers providing puppets and puppet theatre, dramatic play with props and costumes, doll corners, listening centers with records, tapes, CDs and books, rhythm instruments, carpentry and tools, cooking, circle time, games and much more.

Special events include Parent-Child Orientation, Birthday and New Baby Celebrations, Trick-or-Treat Party, Pumpkin Picking and Nature Walks on our property, Disco and “New Year’ Eve” Parties, Super-Star Days, Cooking-a-la-Miss Sue’, School Produced Videos, International Awareness Days, Book Swaps, Holiday Celebrations, Amblyopia and Hearing Screenings, Visits from Local Community Helpers, Puppet and Music Shows, and our Parent-Child Breakfast.