What You Should Include in Your Child’s Backpack

By 829 April 22, 2021

Now that the school year is well underway, you’ve probably packed your child’s backpack a number of times before sending them on their way to school. However, do you know if you’re including the right items in their bag? When your child comes home from school, take a look in their knapsack and make sure you’re stocking it with the essentials.

Healthy Snacks

It’s no secret that kids love munching throughout the day, so give them plenty of healthy snacks to choose from. Non-refrigerated items such as granola bars, organic fruit roll-ups, and raisins are all great options for a nutritious, mid-day snack.

Just make sure you don’t include any snacks with peanuts without letting your child’s teacher know. You never know if your child will try to share their snack with another classmate with allergies.


The earlier you can teach your child to wipe their nose with a tissue instead of their sleeve, the better. Include a small to-go pack of tissues in their backpack for easy-to-reach runny nose relief.

Glasses Case

If your child wears glasses, it’s important to keep the case in their backpack. If your kid takes his or her glasses off for nap time or when they go on the playground, the glasses will be much safer in their case rather than just thrown into your child’s bag.

A Change of Clothes

Whether it be because they didn’t make it to the bathroom quick enough or arts and crafts got a bit messier than planned, it’s always wise to have a change of clothes handy. Not only will this help keep your child clean and comfortable, but it’ll save you the time of driving a new set of clothes over to their school if an accident happens.

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