Must-Have Bath Items for Toddlers

By 829 April 8, 2021

One of the biggest milestones for your little one is graduating from the baby tub or sink to the full tub for bath time. For them, there is plenty of more room for splashing around and playing, but for you, that’s plenty more space for them to accidentally bump their heads. In order to make bath time fun and safe for you and your child, here are some must have bath items for toddlers.

Non-Slip Matt

Bathtubs don’t provide the most solid surface for safety. Make sure to place a non-slip, rubber bath mat on the floor of your tub that way your little one doesn’t go slipping and sliding. While ones with rubber duckies or cartoons on them are great option for the kids, if you get a neutral-colored one, you can keep it there all the time so no one else who showers slips around.

Faucet Cover

With all the moving around and splashing they’ll be doing in the tub, it can be very easy for your little one to knock their heads on your faucet, so purchase a faucet safety cover to avoid that.

Many faucet covers come in the form of cute animals or flowers, so they’ll be entertaining for your child as well.

Bath Toys

Bath time isn’t complete without a basket full of toys to play with. If you ask us, you should always have a rubber ducky or two, a few floating boats to play pirate, and some fun sponges the kids can wring out.

Gentle Products

Toddlers and other young children shouldn’t use the same beauty products that you do. Before beginning bath time, make sure you choose gentle, tear-free, products that are meant for young children.

Soft Linens

Your toddler’s skin is more sensitive than ours, so you should aim to use ultra soft towels and other linens when drying them off after bath time. This prevents their skin from drying out or becoming irritated due to scratchy towels.


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