Manners Every Child Should Know

By 829 April 22, 2021

As your child grows up, there are a few things you should teach them: to look both ways before crossing the street, always show people respect, and that manners matter. Children should learn, from a young age, that a bit of consideration and kindness can go a long way, and that theyshould always use their manners when interacting with friends, classmates, teachers, and the like.

If you’re not sure where to start, these are some of the manners every child should know.


At the very base of all manners is using the word “please.” Whether they’d like a snack or would like to spend some more time on the playground, your child should always say “please” when asking for something.

Thank You

Right after “please,” “thank you” is the next manner your child should learn. Rather than simply walk away after being given something, your child should know to say thank you.

Excuse Me

This one can be a little bit tough to teach young children who like running around everywhere with their friends, but the words “excuse me” can make playtime a bit more civil. Instead of pushing their way to the playground slide, your child can say “excuse me” to politely ask the other children to move.

Don’t Interrupt

Snowballing from “excuse me” is the courtesy of not interrupting. While many children are taught not to interrupt adults, we think this should apply across the board. Teach your child that, if someone is speaking, they shouldn’t interrupt what they’re saying. Instead, they should wait until the person is done talking to comment or respond.

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