Keeping Your Kids Safe from the Flu

By 829 April 8, 2021

No parent ever wants to see their child sick, which is why you always take such good care of them to protect them against any illness. Well, the time has come to take those precautions up a notch because flu season has arrived.

In order to keep your child safe and healthy over the next few months, make sure you follow these tips for keeping your kids safe from the flu.

Understand the Risks

Young children are more susceptible to catching the flu since their immune systems are not as strong as adults’ are. Kids also often put their hands in their mouths and can be around other children who may have the flu, increasing their risk of catching the virus.

Wash Their Hands

One of the best things you can do to keep your kids safe from the flu is to consistently wash their hands anytime that use the bathroom, are around other people, and before they eat. This can help kill germs that would otherwise infect them or those around them.

Teach Them the Sleeve Method

Children are commonly taught to cover their mouths with their hands if they cough or sneeze, but to protect against the flu, teach them to sneeze into their sleeve at the elbow. Other children are less likely to touch that area on their arm, so it prevents against the spread of germs.

Keep Them Home

If you know that the flu or another illness is going around at your child’s school or karate studio, keep them home a day or two.  This allows other children to get treated and become non-contagious before your child goes near them again.


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