Activities That Will Keep Your Children Entertained During Thanksgiving

By 829 April 8, 2021

Thanksgiving is one of the best times of the year! Between the delicious food and all the family gathering to be together, this holiday is one that truly helps you create memories that will last a lifetime.

However, there is one concern many parents have during all the Thanksgiving hustle and bustle: what are the kids going to do? It’s not safe for them to be running in and out of the kitchen, as they could easily burn themselves on the hot stove, and they likely won’t sit still until dinner’s ready. So what should you do? Well, there are plenty of activities that will help keep your children entertained during Thanksgiving!

Scavenger Hunt

If it’s not too cold outside, hide small toys and treats around your yard for the little ones to find. You can include small packets of crayons, dollar-store toys, and a few candies. Just make sure not to include too many treats so they don’t spoil their appetites for dinner!

Table Cloth Coloring

If the children in your family like arts and crafts, purchase a tablecloth they can draw on. Craft stores carry plastic and paper tablecloths that featuring coloring activities to keep your children entertained.

Thanksgiving Bingo

Print out some Thanksgiving-themed bingo cards and have old of the old cousins or another adult lead the game. You can offer a small prize to the winner, such as a toy or an extra piece of pie during dessert.

Mad Libs

We all loved Mad Libs as kids, so why not use the game to entertain your children? Not only will it keep the kids occupied, but it will help boost their imaginations with all the answers they come up with.

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